18th September 2021

6 - 9pm       $165.00

This 3-hour online workshop is for anyone interested in exploring Belt Quality and how they can use it safely and easily in their singing, performance and teaching. 

Presented by Naomi Eyers

Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Service Distinction & Advanced Testing Privileges


We will cover:

 * What is Belting?  Estill's Definition.
*  Things we need to know to sing loud, sing high, sing safely
* How to make it "easy" 
* When would we use it - and when we might want to use something else
* How do we make it 'pretty'?
* Tips on troubleshooting & practice...and more!
* Opportunity for questions and discussion

Join us for some joyous noise making!

Suitable for: anyone interested in Belting: Teachers, professional singers, students, enthusiasts, actors.  Those new to Estill as well as those who have previously participated in Estill Voice Training Courses. 

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Naomi Eyers

Naomi is an internationally acclaimed singer and an expert voice, singing and performance teacher with a particular interest in helping singers find an easy and reliable belt quality.  She has been teaching belting to singers across Australasia, Europe, and the USA for nearly 20 years.

She is an Estill Mentor & Course Instructor with Service Distinction and Advanced Testing Privileges

Naomi is President of Estill International Certification Advisory Board